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Tri-Town Rec Softball League / 2023


1. Size 11 Softball

2. Pitching Rubber is 30’ from Home Plate (pitcher can pitch from front edge of circle)

3. Coach pitch after 5 pitches (if no strike out)

                A. Strikes carry over from player pitch to coach pitch

                B. Called strikes are applicable to player and coach pitches

                C. Fouled off pitches don’t count towards player’s 5 pitches

D. A pitcher that hits 3 batters in an inning must be removed.  She can play another position, and re-enter pitching in a later inning.  If she hits a 4th batter in the game, she can’t pitch for the remainder of the game.

4. Warm up pitches should be limited to 5 for New pitcher and 3 for Re-Entering pitcher.

5. No dropped 3rd Strike

6. No infield fly

7. Continuous batting order

8. No stealing (leading is allowed)

9. Bunting is allowed

                A. No Slashing

                B. No showing bunt and pulling back to full swing

10. Outfielders must start play on outfield grass

11. Up to 4 players in the outfield

12. Maximum of 2 coaches on field for defensive team

13. Games are 90 minutes - no new inning will start after 80 mins

A. Tie scores are allowed

B. 6 Inning Maximum if time limit not reached

14. Inning ends on 3 outs OR 4 runs (unlimited runs in FINAL inning – final inning should be determined by coaches as time limit approaches)