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Rules - Fall Softball
As adopted by the Board of Directors for the 2012 season.

  1. All players must have a registration on file with the League before being allowed to participate.
  2. Parents or guardians must inform their head coach of any disability that may affect the safety of a child.
  3. The Bridgewater Travel Teams play in the South Shore Summer Softball League (“SSSSL)”) and shall abide by their League Rules and By-laws.
  4. Except in rare and exceptional circumstances, as determined by the Bridgewater Travel Commissioner, a player, in order to be eligible to try-out for the  U10, U12 or U14 Select Travel Teams, must be an active member of a Bridgewater Recreational Softball Program and must meet the other requirements of SSSSL.
  5. Any appeal of the Travel Commissioner’s decision as to eligibility shall be heard by the full Board, with a majority necessary in order to overturn that decision.  No further review is available.
  6. In the case of a player who is selected to play for the U18 Select Travel Team but who is not an active member of the Bridgewater Recreation Softball Program, additional fees may be required of the player, i.e. recreation fees, ASA fees at the direction of the Board.
  1. Profane or abusive language or gestures from players, coaches, family, or spectators will not be tolerated by the League.
  2. Any individual(s) responsible for such behavior will be removed from the field and the umpire may call a forfeit against the team that said individual(s) is/are affiliated with.
  3. Unsportsmanlike conduct (booing, taunting, use of air horns or any other device/behavior deemed intrusive to the game, refusal to shake hands) or directed to any player, coach, family member, or spectator is strictly prohibited.
  4. Any individual(s) responsible for such behavior will be removed from the field and the umpire may call a forfeit against the team that said individual(s) is/are affiliated with.
  5. In the event an Umpire does not show for a game, the head coach shall contact the Umpire in Chief.
  1. Only players and coaches will be allowed in the dugout and on the playing field.
  2. All players not required to be on the field, must remain in the dugout.
  3. Players must notify or seek permission from a coach prior to leaving the playing area.
  4. No swinging of bats in or around the dugout except at the designated on-deck circle.
  5. Batting helmets must be worn by all batters (at Home Plate and On-Deck), and all Base-Runners.  Helmets must be equipped with face guards and secured with chin straps.
  6. Safety bases must be used a first base.
  1. A league issued team uniform must be worn by players at all games, and must be the outermost garment.
  2. Coaches are required to wear their league issued shirts at all league games.
  3. Jewelry must not be worn.  Recently pierced ears may have studs taped over.
  4. Coaches and players must comply with all dress code rules established by SSSSL By-laws.
  1. Game play is to be determined by the By-laws and Constitution of the SSSSL, as then in effect.
  1. Game cancellations at Bridgewater facilities due to weather will be determined by the Travel Commissioner.
  2. Head coaches for each team will be notified of cancellations no later than one hour before the scheduled game start time.  Coaches must then notify their team of the cancellation.
  3. Make-up games will be arranged by the Head Coach, with the opposing team’s coaches, and consistent with the SSSSL rules.
  4. Cancellation of practices will be at the discretion of the team's coaches.