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This is a page dedicated to assist coaches.  Here you will find useful links and tips to assist you in coaching your team.

Around the horn:  This is great drill for teaching backing up, throws across the diamond, sliding and speed. 

The Drill: 
Place two players at each position - Home, 1st, 2nd, Short and 3rd.  Each position will have a primary and back up player.  The drill starts with the primary catcher throwing the ball to primary Short stop.  Short throws to the primary 1st baseman.  1st throws to the primary 3rd Baseman.  3rd throws to the primary 2nd baseman and then the drill ends with 2nd base throwing back to the primary catcher at home.  The backup players are backing up each throw by staying a few feet behind the primary player.  If the throw goes by the primary player then the backup player makes the throw.  On the next round, switch the primary and backup player.  After the primary and backup and have thrown, rotate the entire infield over a base so each player gets the perspective of throwing from each position.

Variation:  Add a runner who will run as the ball is thrown from the catcher to short.  The runner must safely reach home plate before the ball is returned.  The runner should slide into home plate and must touch every base while running.

Shortstop/2nd base - don't break my face.  This is great drill for teaching fielders when to toss underhand to a fellow fielder based on proximity and when to cover a base for a throw. 

The Drill: 
Place two lines of players at shortstop and 2nd base in standard proper position (away from the base).    A coach with a bucket of softballs stands behind the pitching mound and randomly tosses or hits a grounder to either shortstop or 2nd base.   Which ever fielder gets the ball tosses the ball "underhanded" to the player covering the base.  (This drill teaches fielders to toss underhanded when less than 10-12' from another fielder and prevents an overhand toss into the outfield) 

The key to this drill is for the coach to keep hitting/tossing randomly so the fielders never know who should go for the base versus the ball.  

Variation:  Add a first base fielder and work on "turning the double play" to have fielders get used to catching and firing to first on the same drill.

Hitting Drill - Soft Toss.  This is great drill for teaching batters to connect using hand/eye coordination.

The Drill: 
Have a coach with a bucket of balls "soft toss" to a batter (be sure she's got a helmet on).   For the drill have the batter line up facing a batting net (or side of a netted batting cage).   Have the coach kneel at a 45degree angle about 6-8' from the batter and "soft toss" across what would be the outside corner of the plate. 

The key to this drill is for the coach to hit the outside corner of the plate and have the batter slightly "reach" for the ball with her swing.   Be sure to constructively critique the batter's swing and follow through with each hit.   This also encourages hand/eye coordination and develops confidence in the batter.