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2022 Summer Season



Playing Rules:

  1. 1)  Games are 6 innings long. Extra innings will be played to determine winner, as daylight allows. If game cannot be continued in extra innings due to darkness/weather, game is declared a tie. If full inning is not completed, SCORE REVERTS TO SCORE AT END OF LAST COMPLETED INNING.

  2. 2)  No inning may begin after one hour and 45 minutes. This time begins when first pitch of game is thrown. Clock will STOP for weather delays or extended injury delay.

  3. 3)  Minimum of EIGHT (8) players to start a game.

  4. 4)  Each team is limited to five (5) runs per inning for inning’s 1 thru 5, after which the team is

    out. There is no run limit in the 6th inning/last declared inning or any extra innings.

  5. 5)  There is NO slaughter rule.

  6. 6)  A Game is considered complete after THREE (3) innings (three and 1/2, if the home team is


  7. 7)  A full, continuous batting order will be used throughout each game.

  8. 8)  In the case of a player arriving late for a game and not in the original line-up, that player

    may be entered into the end of the line-up and bat in that spot only.

  9. 9)  If a player is injured or becomes ill during a game, and cannot take their scheduled turn at

    bat, she may be skipped with NO OUT recorded. Offensive coach must inform defensive

    team before that batter’s turn comes up.

  10. 10)  Free substitution is allowed in the field.

  11. 11)  Teams will play with 4 Outfielders. All OF’s must take their defensive positions on the OF

    grass (no extra infielders

  12. 12)  Stealing of 2nd & 3rd base only. One base per pitch only, regardless of wild throw, etc. NO

    stealing Home, Runners can only score by being batted or forced in by walk or hit-batter.

  13. 13)  Base-runners may not leave base until pitch is released by pitcher.

  14. 14)  “Dropped 3rd Strike” rule is NOT in Effect.

  15. 15)  “Infield Fly” rule is NOT in effect.

  16. 16)  No Continuous Walks

  17. 17)  Batters may not “show bunt, then pull back and swing”. This is safety rule. 1st offense that

    batter is out, ball is dead and all runners return to their original bases. 2nd offense by same

    batter in that game, she is ejected.

  18. 18)  Runners must stop when the ball is controlled in the pitching circle by the pitcherIf a

    runner has already started to run to the next base – they may continue. If the defensive team makes a throw or makes a gesture to throw or make a play towards the runner – the ball is alive. This means the runner can be thrown out or continue to advance in case of an error.

  19. 19)  No limit on runners advancing bases on overthrow in play. If ball ends up out of play umpire will award proper base advancement.

  20. 20)  Batter throwing Bat can be given Warning by umpire for 1st offense, can be called out on 2nd offense, and called out AND can be removed from batting order after 3rd offense.

  21. 21)  Each team should keep an accurate scorebook during each game. Coaches are encouraged to compare scores each inning.

  22. 22)  Teams may use a replacement runner for their catcher if she is on base with two outs, in order to allow her to put on gear and reduce in between inning delays. Runner must be that team’s last recorded out.



23) No restriction on innings pitched for any Pitcher. (Except 10Blue division, see below).

  1. 24)  Pitcher must be removed from pitching position after hitting three(3) batters in an inning or four (4) batters in a game. She cannot return to pitcher position, but will remain in game at any other position.

  2. 25)  Pitchers may not “Move up” to throw a pitch.

  3. 26)  Pitching distance. Pitching rubber will be set at 35 feet. Pitching rubbers should be

    regulation 24” X 6” and secured into the ground.

27) 10 BLUE Division only:

1- A pitcher may only pitch FOUR (4) innings per game. She can only be removed and re- entered once per game.

2- After a team walks or hits THREE (3) opposing batters in any inning, Offensive team’s coach will come on to pitch remainder of that inning. Coach can strike out a batter (called or swinging), but cannot issue a walk or HBP. A Defensive player will stand near circle with Coach and field the “pitcher” position. Coach will not field any batted balls or be involved in the Defense at all. Ball inadvertently hit off of a Coach’s body is a live ball.


  1. 28)  HOME TEAM is responsible for Scheduling an Umpire.

  2. 29)  HOME team supplies two 11’ Yellow, Raised-Stitch, leather Game Softballs.

  3. 30)  Team jerseys should be worn at all times.

  4. 31)  Batters, Base-runners & on-deck batter MUST wear a helmet, with attached Face


  5. 32)  Catchers must wear full equipment.

  6. 33)  Softball bats only, no baseball bats.

  7. 34)  NO metal cleats

  8. 35)  All fields must be lined and prepped before each game, with pitching circle, batters boxes &

    baselines. They must have a double first base installed (white/orange if possible)

General Rules:

  1. 36)  Unsportsmanlike behavior or language is not allowed.

  2. 37)  Harassment of the opposing pitcher is prohibited.

  3. 38)  Pitchers should throw no more than 4-5 warm-up pitches between innings in order to keep

    game moving on schedule.

  4. 39)  SIX (6) teams qualify for the playoffs in each division.

  5. 40)  Standings Tie-Breakers : 1 – Head to head record, 2- run differential in head to head

    games, 3- least runs allowed for season 4- record vs higher seeded teams, 5 – coin flip

  6. 41)  In case of inclement weather during day of scheduled game, coaches should decide as

    soon as possible prior to game time if game will be cancelled, so that umpires and players can be notified. Home team manager will make final decision on whether to cancel game. League must also be notified.

42) Suspended Games: Unofficial games that are suspended before becoming official shall be completed and will be resumed at the exact point of suspension of the original game. (The game situation should be noted in the scorebooks by both teams when the game is suspended.) The lineup and batting order of both teams shall be exactly the same as the lineup and batting order at the moment of suspension. Score, outs, base-runners on base, etc all remain the same. Any base-runner on base when the game was suspended, but not at the continuation will be ran for by the last recorded out. Any player from the original lineup not available for the continuation will be skipped in the lineup with no penalty. Any player not in the original lineup who is available for the continuation should be placed at the bottom of the batting order.

  1. 43)  Game results should be e-mailed to the 10u Division Director by both teams, within twenty- four (24) hours of completion of game.

  2. 44)  Official Game Schedule, Game Results and Standings, and all league info will be posted othe league website.

  3. 45)  Umpires should not have to deal with any spectator/parent problems. If a parent/spectator becomes abusive, coaches will be asked to speak with, or if necessary, remove that person from field area.

  4. 46)  Coaches and Umpires will make every effort to keep in-between-inning time brief, to insure that games progress at a quick pace. Players should hustle on and off field and an assistant coach should warm up pitcher as catcher is putting on equipment.